Raising Away

Round One

I started another raising project last weekend. I always forget how physically difficult this process is. I had an idea while I was making the last teapot that I decided to work on and it involves flat raising a nice straight walled vessel. This will at some point be turned upside down, cut up, added onto, etc. But right now I’m stuck in the slow, slow process of raising the initial form. I have to take lots of breaks and only do a little bit each day. Particularly since I got worn out with all the business we got for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday at the Guild Store. I definitely think the move to Queen St. was worth it! But for now, I leave you with this images. It might not look like it, but each one is a further step in the whole raising process.

The next step.
Further Along
Where I’m at now. Seriously, this has moved since the last photo.

2 thoughts on “Raising Away

  1. how wide is that across the top Wendy? It looks really BIG in the images. What kind of a torch & gas do you use for annealing that big of a piece of copper?


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