Messing Around with a Bowl

First two folds.

Last week I had a bunch of ideas for some new bowls bouncing around my head. In fact, there were too many competing for my attention and it was actually blocking me. So I finally just picked one of the ideas and started messing around in the studio.

Four folds done, opened, and smoothed out into a bowl shape.

I chose the most experimental (for me) idea to start with. I figured that there wouldn’t be any pressure to make it into a saleable piece, so it might be more fun to get back into the groove with. I wanted to see what would happen if I wedge formed a sheet of copper and then tried raising over the folds. How would the metal move? Would the metal move? How would the fold wonky up the raise?

These are my results so far. It seems that the wedges are

Annealed and coated with soot (which brushed off fairly easily.)

raising, but most of the movement seems to be coming from the flat parts. Plus the folds want to open up a little. We’ll see how it progresses after the show is over and I have time to get back at it. Or maybe I’ll have another idea dying to get out… You never know.

After a couple of rounds of raising.
Top view, look how it twisted when I opened it.
Inside view

2 thoughts on “Messing Around with a Bowl

  1. Hi Wendy

    you are getting some great twists and movement. Always good to just have a go at experimenting – never know where it leads. I have been having a bit more of a go at raising recently – like the results but as you know lots of hammerstrokes and annealing. Go well. Barry


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