Dirty Habits

The working area of my workbench is slowly shrinking…

Everyone seems to be busy. Our schedules are so packed with chores, work, and hopefully fun that we have to triage them. What’s the thing that always ends up at the bottom of your list?

For me it’s cleaning, especially my studio. Sure I do some cleaning as I go. I brush off my workbench, try to

It’s past time to clean out my sweeps tray.

keep used patterns in a particular pile, and separate different types of metal scrap. But it starts creeping in on you.

With big projects and a bunch of shows packed in together I just haven’t gotten around to it. That will change next week when I get it all cleaned up in time to start some new projects. That is, unless the Orioles get into the playoffs…

Believe, hon!

3 thoughts on “Dirty Habits

  1. I know the feeling, it takes me ages to clean my workshop before a new project but if we stopped to tidy up during we would never get anything done, I find a a wee break tidying can sometimes ignite a spark of inspiration 😀


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