2012 Third Quarter Goal Check-In

Akimbo ©2012 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass

Can you believe that the year is 3/4 of the way finished?! It’s the penultimate goal check-in for 2012. Here’s how I’m doing:

  • At least 5 craft shows
  • At least 4 group exhibitions
  • Teach 3-5 workshops
  • Make a profit for the year
  • 2-3 new galleries

Still no movement on the new gallery front, though it has been spending some time on the back burner once again. I taught one workshop and have two more scheduled for this year, so hopefully they will both go through and this goal will be met. We’ll have to see…

I just finished the 2nd of the five craft shows that I have scheduled for this year, so that goal is proceeding as planned. As a matter of fact, I won Second Place at Peters Valley this past weekend so I am guaranteed a spot at next year’s show! Yay!

Proof of my Peters Valley Prize…

With acceptance into CRAFTED and being invited back for the second half of the Teapot Redefined, I have had work in not 5, but SIX group exhibitions this year. I’m still waiting to hear back about a couple more, so that overachieved goal might increase even more. Plus I sold Lorica from the first half of the Teapot Redefined, so that show counts double (OK, not really, but it’s still exciting!)

So the only one I’ve still got to find out about is the big one – Making a Profit for the Year. It’s been a tough year for everyone and I’ll really have to do exceeding well at the last three craft shows in order to make this goal. Or have sales pick-up exponentially online and at the exhibitions.

2 thoughts on “2012 Third Quarter Goal Check-In

  1. great goals! I probably should write some down myself. Next year I guess, as this year’s shows are planned, and scheduled. I too am not having the year I was hoping for. There’s always tomorrow!


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