Work in Progress: 2 Pendants & 2 sets of Earrings

Reticulated Sterling Silver Skinny Earrings ©2012 WTEK

I’ve been busy in the studio getting ready for the Peters Valley show this coming weekend. Here are some new pieces that are almost finished – they just need darkening and the two pendants need to be put together. Then they’ll be ready to find their new homes in New Jersey.

(Because I have two shows back to back at the beginning of this month, the Metalwork of the Month email will go out late. What you don’t get that? Sign up for my mailing list…)

Fold Formed Copper concave disk that will be riveted to the textured convex silver piece. ©2012 WTEK
Here is the silver piece with the clasp – see how I mirrored the shape?  ©2012 WTEK
New matching group of leaf like shapes. ©2012 WTEK
Here’s an idea of what the pendant will look like with the garnet added. ©2012 WTEK
And a final close-up of the texture. ©2012 WTEK

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