My Show Stash

My Pro Panels and display cases stacked up in my studio/garage.

As I get ready for my super craft show packed next month and a half, I thought I’d share with you some behind the scenes gear I drag with me to each show. I think I’m pretty organized, but you judge for yourself.

There is all the display equipment plus packaging materials and the ever important tools and miscellany box. What you don’t see here are the other incidentals like the chair for my hubby, the handcart, and all the poles that hold the lights, etc. up.

Tub with the jewelry displays.
All the bags, boxes, and tissue paper. Plus my little displays for newsletters, my artist statement, and the mirror go in here.
Inside a third bin (that was much too messy to show) lies the ever important tools and miscellany box. Yes, there is a hammer! Plus a tiny sewing kit, first aid kit, and all the odds and ends I might need.
Here’s an older photo of the loaded up van.

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