Where No Teapot Has Gone Before…

Hmm, plying the good Doctor with a hot meal…

Recently the PA Guild store has had an influx of new work, including ceramic pieces by Peter Saenger. He has clean lines, an organic (though minimalist) feel to his designs, and works primarily in black & white (at least in the series we have in the store.)

What makes his work even more disco is that it’s been in space. OK, not really. But Patrick Stewart  has touched it with his lips. Let me clarify that. Peter Saenger’s teapot set was a

Design II Set (porcelain, white glaze) ©Peter Saenger

prop on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Yes, that was 20 some years ago. But I only found this out this year. And Trek never goes out of style in my book.

Long story short, you too can have one of these tea sets. We have a pot at the store, or you can order from Peter directly. Then make sure you use it to serve “Tea; Earl Grey; Hot.”