Most of the parts of Teapot II ©2012 WTEK
Obviously the tabs are another repeating element to the piece.

There are different ways to combine parts to make a whole. Sometimes they turn out well, other times they look like your grandmothers attic – full of a bunch of things you love, but don’t go well together. The hard part is combining parts to create a cohesive whole, one that makes sense when viewed all together.

One way to accomplish this is to use repeating forms to create a rhythm in the piece. This is something that I try to do with my bowls and now the teapots I’ve made this year. Especially working on the current pot, with so many different pieces being thrown together I needed something to help it make sense to the viewer.

Two V shapes come together to form the handle for the pot. ©2012 WTEK

For this piece I focused on using triangle/V shapes. The initial design of the pot was triangular, so this made sense as the repeating motif. Plus I just like triangles. This was also basically the repeating shape I used in the first teapot as well, just in a slightly different way. I’m hoping to complete the teapot this week (keep your fingers crossed!) and you’ll be better able to tell how well this turned out.

The spout cover – the basis for the other triangle shapes. ©2012 WTEK

In the bigger picture you can also use this technique to help you create a cohesive voice for an entire body of work. I think once this teapot is finished that if you looked at it side by side with Lorica, you’d be able to tell that the same artist created both pieces. Not because they’re duplicates of each other, but because of these repeating forms. That’s something that I consciously strive for in my work. It’s a process that never ends for an artist.

The two leg shapes before being formed. ©2012 WTEK
The bottom of the pot – vaguely triangle shaped (or maybe like a cat head…) ©2012 WTEK

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  1. Been talking to my students about how life is generally orderly… Doctors can thus know what to find where. Art is a bit more playful, but I am making other connections here too ~ like seeing biodiversity as being playful where your genes put the part


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