Teapot II is Starting to Come Together

Teapot II with the ideas for the spout, bottom, and leg placement

More work is getting done on the teapot and it’s beginning to take shape. It’s hard this time because I have to get one piece where I want it, put it all together again to see where everything’s at, then decide on what to mess with or what needs tweaking (or even what shape to make the next piece), then I have to take it apart again to work on the individual pieces. Then repeat the process. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m making the parts that hold the main pieces together, so that will help the reassembly process.

Now the spout is made!

There’s been a lot of designing during the creation process. I actually spent a bunch of time trying out different spout ideas before realizing that my first idea (the one pictured above) is the one that worked the best. Then trying out different spout covers, and vacillating between using wires inside the pot vs. tabs on the outside to rivet it all together. The tabs were in one of my original designs and they eventually won out. I need to trust my gut more I guess.

Spout with cover.

What I still need to start working on are the handle, the lid (which will be done last), and the back legs. I need to know exactly how the rest of it is going to fit together before I can start these (thought the handle need to get worked out sooner rather than later!)

Now add some tabs…
Here it is all taped together. The bottom still needs some work.
Some of the less glamorous, but very necessary parts – the tabs. These are truly a pain to file, let me tell you. And, yes, they are all cut out by hand, er, saw.

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  1. Hey there Wendy! Just clicked over from Alyson’s blog. So glad I did. I’m looking forward so seeing how this tea pot turns out. In the meantime I plan on taking a leisurely stroll through your Flickr sets.



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