Teapot II: Electric Boogaloo

The sunk bowl waiting for planishing. It started as an 8″ bronze disk.

Here are the latest in progress photos from my second teapot. I do have some more, but I’m reserving them in case the design shifts (again.) I wanted this pot to be more deconstructed and reconfigured. Less just a couple of hollwformed forms. So I sunk a bowl, cut it up, and will now attach it back together (with additional parts) to make the final teapot. Believe it or not, I think that this will be easier than the more strictly hollowformed pot.

Here it is all pretty and planished with the paper mock-up behind it.
The patterns (somewhat) as they were drawn onto the bowl to be cut out.
All the pieces that were cut out from the bowl.
Trying out different configurations of the metal pieces.
And a side view. Think I should use tape instead of rivets this time? ;^)

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