Dolmen Ring ©2012 sterling silver, copper
This guy found a new, loving, forever home this weekend.

I’ve been back from Delaware for a couple of days now, but I still feel like I’m hopelessly behind. I’ve gotten all of the most important things done, but now I need to get caught up with all of my “everyday” tasks. Plus there’s that second teapot to finish!

It was really great seeing so many of my online friends, Guild friends, and fans this past weekend. Some of my work found new homes. I got to meet some of the faces I only see on Facebook and Twitter and even meet some new people who had heard of me through the interwebs and my Art Jewelry article. It was wonderful experiencing this. I hope to see even more of you at my upcoming shows this Fall.

Until then I’ll make some new pieces, write some new posts, and hopefully keep you all entertained…