Two More Pendants in the Works

The pattern for the oblong pendant.

I was able to get most of the work done on two more pendants this week. They are inspired by my Entropy necklace (the one inspired by the stain.) I got the idea for the more oblong one and then decided to make the second one out of the cut-out piece from the inside of Entropy. Then, for even more waste-not want-not goodness, the clasps on both pendants were made from the pieces cut-out from the insides of each shape. They just need a little clean-up and darkening before I set the stone in the oblong one and they’re ready to go home with you ;^)

Two new sterling silver pendants (one will have that peridot set in it.)

I’m excited about these new pendants that I’ve been working on and I can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions to them when I finally start my show season in Wilmington in three weeks. I hope to see you there!

See how the clasp came from the inside of the pendant?
The clasp for this one too. And it originally came from the inside of my other pendant, Entropy.

And in case you forgot or want an immediate comparison, here’s Entropy.

Entropy ©2012 sterling silver, almandine garnet