Grand Opening of the New PA Guild Store

Friday night was the grand opening of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen’s store at their new headquarters in Lancaster, PA. The building is amazing and they have really transformed it. I love the layout of the new store and there’s so much space now! I can’t wait to see it once everything is finished and all the workshop space is cleaned up and pretty. Here are some photos from the opening.

View of the upstairs front room.
The other upstairs room. Both of these will be used for workshop space, I believe.
I had to put Paula in here. :^)
Art Shoemaker was one of the four demonstrating artists on opening night.
The room the demos were in will be the exhibition space. I just love this photo with the kid staring at the camera.

The store is open every day but Sundays now, so make sure to stop by if you’re in Lancaster, PA. The first exhibition, Home at Last, will be up in September and there are workshops offered in the space starting this summer!

One thought on “Grand Opening of the New PA Guild Store

  1. The building is amazing and will get better and better with volunteer help and community support (and donations, did I tell you we’re accepting cash?!) The upstairs front room will become a second gallery; plans to use it for rotating traveling exhibitions. BTW, uber-flattering camera angle – NOT!


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