Inspired by Nature

Waterfall in Watkins Glen, NY taken on our recent nature filled vacation.

It’s not always obvious, but much of my work is inspired by nature. There are some pieces where that’s easy to see – in the jaspers and agates, the unfinished river stone, the deer bones. But natural inspiration creeps into almost all of my work.

There are so many textures in nature. The surface of a boulder, a rotting log, fluffy clouds. Same with layers. Bushes in front of trees with various animals flitting between them. Patterns crop up all over the place – seed pods that landed just so, criss-crossing tree limbs, ripples in a pond. Sometimes even just an edge of something could inspire me. An arch carved out by a waterfall or the crooked line made by an eroding path.

So it may not slap you in the face, but it’s there. The pulse of nature beats deeply in my art.

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