I Did it My Damn Self

The hole the plumber made.

You may have figured out that I have not been working on metal the way that I should be right now. One of the main reasons has been fixing up the inside and outside of our house in preparation for our yearly picnic filled with lots of in-laws. Being crafty (and cheap), I like to do a lot of things myself.

One project that I am particularly proud of is fixing a hole in the

Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the great fit I got with the sheetrock pieces. But here you can see them after the mud was put on.

drywall in our most used room. There had been a leak there that seems to have originated with the first owners of the house, but it has since been fixed by a professional. I do not fiddle with water related problems. You can see the “great” job that the plumber did when checking if it was a pipe leaking and breaking through said drywall. It was actually a siding leak. But anyway, it is finally fixed and looks like a whole wall again. Neighborhood contractors won’t be knocking down my door to have me work for them or anything, but I’m still proud that I was able to actually repair this.

All primed and ready to go.
Repainted. Yes, the ceiling isn’t a perfect match, but I am NOT repainting the entire ceiling any time soon. And yes, there is a little spot where the tape stuck to the paint. That’s what happens when you have a time constraint.
And yes, I did steal the title from a Chris Rock routine.

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