David Pringle Exhibition in Harrisburg

This past Friday I went to the opening for one of my Twitter Artist Connections at Gallery @ Second in Harrisburg, PA. David Pringle is a photographer with a particular fondness for architectural landscapes (one of my favorite subjects.)

Prison Stairway © David Pringle

Many of the images he exhibited were from Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. (You may have heard of it on a show about Al Capone or possibly some ghost related program.) There is fantastic lighting and a lot of peeling paint and rusty metal in these, so you know these are my favorites. He also plays a lot with the focus in these, sometimes choosing to leave much of the photo blurry to highlight one point of a shard of glass.

Some of the other photos in the exhibition featured places in Harrisburg, Ohio, West Virginia, and California, and these had a different from the Penitentiary photos. Rotting barns, ethereal trees, and foggy bridges are the subjects here.

An interesting thing about these photos is how they were printed and his artist’s statement provided an explanation of the different techniques. Some were metal prints (printed directly onto treated aluminum,) some were giclees (printed onto canvas,) and others were glass prints (printed directly onto treated glass with a backing material behind it.)

Ohio Tree Stand © David Pringle

But the most interesting technique were the ones that he transferred onto wood. I saw some of the process photos that he shared on Twitter, so I was interested to see how they came out. These photos showed the grain of the wood through the light parts of the image and came out with warm tones that made them seem much older than they are. They also came out more ethereal. (Unfortunately I don’t have a pic of these to show you.)

The gallery itself is pretty small and packed full of people – Third in the Burg was not an ideal time to enjoy the photos. His exhibition is running concurrently with the plein air paintings of Julie Riker and the second floor is packed salon style with the other artists the gallery represents. Gallery @ Second is open Thursday and Friday evenings and then Saturday and Sunday during the day. You’ll be able to appreciate each piece when there are less people jostling around I’m sure. The exhibition is up now through July 14th, 2012 and I highly suggest it if you are in the area.