Wasting Time

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We’re all worried about wasting time. Whether it’s standing in line, making mistakes, or watching too much soccer, there are times that just feel like time was taken from us. Since it’s finite (at least for us humans) we all feel better when our time is spent suceeding, relaxing, or just getting stuff done.

But is that other time always wasted?

I spent my studio time yesterday trying to get those rings soldered onto the cuff I’ve been working on. I was working in small bits, trying not to get frustrated. But yesterday it finally became apparent that the middle ring is never going to work. Unfortunately, this was found out after I cut the hole out.

Melted and Destroyed Brass Bezel from another bit of “wasted time”

I wasted all that time (and silver!) only to have a hot mess on my hands. I could’ve thrown it aside, thrown a tantrum, and complained about the waste. But was it wasted? Or did I learn something valuable about soldering rings onto a flat (supposedly) piece of metal?

Needless to say, it’s all in how you look at it. I’m trying to stay more positive and at the very least just move on after these kinds of incidents happen. I do have an idea to salvage the rest of the bracelet, but I also think I’ll take a break right now and watch the UEFA Championships (not a time waste as long as Germany’s winning!)

4 thoughts on “Wasting Time

  1. When design “mistakes” happen, I do think it is a learning experience. And sometimes my best work evolves from a “mistake” piece!


    1. Sometimes that happens for me too. Unfortunately, after trying to fix it yesterday I learned that a)had this worked it would’ve been really kickass, and b) my fix only made it unfixable now. The only thing I could do now would be to start over and I’d have to orderup some more silver for that. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.


  2. Wendy, I agree. The time is not wasted. You have learned what DOES NOT work. Can you use the cuff and do something else with that empty space? Rivet some wire over the holes and maybe capture something in the crossed wires so it looks suspended perhaps.


  3. Hah, Laurie, that’s my plan C! It’s just that plan B made the hole pretty big and it’s been difficult coming up with something that won’t just look stuck on. So it’s just sitting there for now while I ponder the options…


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