Work In Progress: A New Kind of Cuff

You’re all familiar with my fold formed cuffs. Lately I’ve been thinking about cuffs that are different, less folds, but still pretty heftig. Here is what’s on my bench right now:

This is the paper mock-up I made first.
An example of said mock-up as it would wrap around your wrist.

I wanted some nice, thick edges on the cuff, partly for aesthetics and partly so I could use a thinner gauge sheet for the main body of the cuff. So I made some rings out of thick wire (they will eventually be hammered) and am in the process of soldering them onto the sheet. This is not as easy as you might think, since the backing keeps warping. This makes it nigh impossible to solder each ring (for me at least) on in one go. But my work would be pretty static and I wouldn’t improve if I didn’t challenge myself to get outside my comfort zone once in a while. Here’s where I’m at right now:

Just a couple gaps in the solder around the rings that need to be fixed, then sawing, filing, sanding, and forming. Yay! Oh yeah, that messy solder WILL be cleaned up!

5 thoughts on “Work In Progress: A New Kind of Cuff

  1. Interesting! I’m looking forward to seeing how this piece progresses. I like the idea of thicker edges with a thinner gauge sheet and the shapes and size look great!


  2. Hi Wendy – this is looking good. Know what you mean about the soldering – also a challenge for me. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Barry


  3. That’s gonna look neat! What is the gauge of the thinner sheet for the main body of the cuff?
    Good luck with the soldering…that skill has never been my strong suit. But you’re right about having to challenge yourself from time to time…even though you go ggggrrrrrrrrrrrr! and have to walk away once in a while…like I just did tonight.


  4. Thanks, everyone!
    @Betsy – It’s 24g sheet with 12g wire. And I did get a little grrrrrrr – y with this one. It didn’t help that I still need to install the AC for the year ;^)


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