2012 Halfway Goal Update

Lorica ©2012 bronze, nickel, brass I did tackle this life goal and finish an actual teapot this year, too!

It’s time to check in again on my 2012 goals.

  • At least 5 craft shows
  • At least 4 group exhibitions
  • Teach 3-5 workshops
  • Make a profit for the year
  • 2-3 new galleries

I’m about where I should be at this point. I have three craft shows scheduled so far and I’m waiting to hear back from a number of others. Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll get into at least two others this year.

I have work in two group exhibitions as we speak (Forged at Target Gallery & The Teapot Redefined at Mobilia Gallery), and I’ll be dropping off a piece in two weeks for the Community Art Exhibition in Lancaster that I always enter each year. That means I only need one more group show to make this goal for 2012.

I just taught a Fold Forming workshop and have another one set-up for August 11th at HACC. I am also scheduled to teach a Rivet Pendant workshop at the Newark Museum in November. As long as all of these go through, I’ve hit this goal. I would like to have another scheduled in Fall, but we’ll have to wait and see about that.

As always, we won’t know about the profit part until the year is over.

And the new galleries goal is as ever super elusive. I did make a couple of contacts, but we’ll just have to wait and see.