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ceramic and glass sculpture by Kevin Lehman

Last year I wrote about a local garden with fabulous outdoor sculptures that I visited. I believe that it was one of the gardens you can visit through the Gardens of the Susquehanna tour. Here is a list of local garden tours from around the country that can help you get out and find your own secret garden.

  • Lancaster County, PA – The Men’s Garden Club has a list of local and regional gardens and other garden related links on their website.
  • The Garden Club of Virginia sponsors a garden week in April (I know, a little late for this year, but plan for 2013)
  • A lot of people mock NJ, but it is the Garden State. The Princeton area is especially beautiful and has a variety of gardens you can visit.
  • New England is chock full of gardens and you can find out about all sorts of garden related events here.
  • Live on the West Coast? The California Native Plant Society has a list of tours on their site.

Check with your local garden club to see if there are any tours in your town. You never know what surprises you’ll find!

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