On the Bench – Two New Pendants

The inspirational stain on my counter.

This past week or so, I’ve been working on some new pendants. One is riveted and one is inspired by a spill on my counter. Since I’ve been muddling through a book about string theory, I decided to name the spill one “Entropy.” The riveted pendant uses a piece I cut out of a piece I cut off of the teapot. Once again green is my middle name. Or at least one of them. Or is it my skin that’s green? Either way, there are two new pendants that will shortly be up on Etsy.

Entropy ©2012 WTEK sterling silver, almandine garnet
First I cut a piece of bronze out.
Then I experimented with different sized pieces to rivet onto it.
Here is an approximation of what it will look like. The silver needs darkening, the bronze finishing, and all of it riveted together.
Close-up of that handmade toggle clasp.