Two Part Triangle Peridot Ring ©2012 sterling silver, peridot – This ring used one of the net scraps and some oddly shaped reticulated silver.

Most of the large pieces I make start out as fresh sheet or wire – supplier direct. But there are always bits and pieces left over. Corners from cutting a disk out, strips from wrongly sized bezels, the ends of wire spools. What happens to them?

Those bits and pieces many times end up in rings, earrings, and pendants. I like odd and asymmetrical shapes, so these scraps are perfect little additions. Remember my net series? All the pieces that were cut out make perfect platforms for the settings in my two part rings. Parts on the teapot were made from corners cut off of the disk and another “idea” piece of nickel that didn’t turn out.

Dark & Sparkly Silver and Amethyst Pendant ©2012 This is the pendant using the reticulated square – the clasp also came from the old necklace.

Even older complete pieces of work might be taken apart and reconfigured. I had a necklace with reticulated silver squares that wasn’t doing it for me anymore. So I took it apart and one square became a pendant and another was used in the earrings and ring I made last weekend.

This is the way I try to be a little greener in my work. Using every bit of scrap I can helps cut down on waste. Plus it saves money. So you never know exactly how a piece of mine began life. It could be on its second or third incarnation.

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  1. That is one of the great joys of being the maker. It’s only finished when YOU are happy with it!


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