Avenge This – Hammer Links

Thor workin’ it

Some more crazy hammer links – this time in honor of the Avengers (featuring Thor and his hammer) I’m focusing on the big screen.

  • Hammers in Movies on Ugo – look someone else had my idea! Too bad so many of these hammers are used for violence.
  • Of course – Hammer Films. Not actual hammers but bringers of horror.
  • The Hammer featuring Adam Corolla so you can guess what kind of humor it contains. I haven’t seen it.
  • Hammer – a blaxpoitation film which, like the movie above, is not about a hammer, but a boxer. Once again, I haven’t seen it.
  • I bet you didn’t know that MC Hammer has graced the silver screen
  • Then there’s the actor Armie Hammer who will be in a film adaptation of the Lone Ranger where Johnny Depp is playing Tonto. Sounds unfortunate. And isn’t Tim Burton worried that his wife is in so many movies with Johnny?
  • And in case you weren’t disturbed enough by Tetsuo: the Iron Man, there’s a sequel Tetsuo II: Body Hammer.