Gemstones I Use in my Work

3 silver rings – 2 with garnets and 1 with a peridot

I don’t often use gemstones, though lately I’ve been using some to add a little sparkle to some of my jewelry. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Garnet – These stones come in a wide variety of colors. Reds, greens, oranges, pinks, purples. But deep blood red is my favorite.
  • Amethyst – This used to be my number two stone, but I was off it for a while. No reason. But now it’s back in the mix and the dark purple really sucks you in.
  • Peridot– An acid green that contrasts really well with amethyst, I think. It’s lighter
    Detail Image from Dusk (Collar VIII) ©2011 sterling silver, pyrite

    than a lot of the stones I use, but the color is different enough that I still love it.

  • Blue Topaz – Topaz is another stone that comes in all sorts of colors. Deep London Blue is probably my favorite though.
  • Agates & Jaspers – You’ve seen some of the stunning examples of these stones in my collars and other larger pieces. I love the layers, patterns, and deep colors that are found in these stones. Best of all, the US is a great spot to find them.
  • Pyrite – Sure it’s known as Fool’s Gold, but the dark golden tone (especially when it’s in a cab with that graphite grey around it) it a dark treasure.

You can find more examples of my gemstone-containing work in my Etsy shop.

One thought on “Gemstones I Use in my Work

  1. Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite stone is I always say “jasper”…it’s my “cop out” answer because there are so many varieties! But I know what you mean about garnet. I adore it as well. Tsavorite (green) garnet is my favorite, but I’ll take it any way I can get it. And I so appreciate the love you’re showing pyrite! It is so beautiful and under appreciated!!!


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