Teapot Paperwork

While I’m sanding away, trying to finish the teapot, I thought you might like to see some of the sketches and patterns I used. First there are the initial sketches (some of them) that I made while planning the project:

Then the initial draft designs for the two major parts of the pot and the original design idea that, of course, changed somewhat during the making of the pot.

Then some more sketches of the other little parts that I worked on recently:

The lid
Spout ideas and a semi accurate in process sketch of how I needed to make the pot. Believe it or not, I scrapped the idea of the tabs only to bring them back last weekend.

And here are all the cut-out patterns I used throughout the teapot making process:

Turns out that there are two more patterns that were hiding when I took this photo. And this includes some patterns of parts that were later scrapped.

And the corresponding metal parts waiting to be finished:

Just need sanding, patina-ing, and riveting together.

One thought on “Teapot Paperwork

  1. I love rough-work myself. When I’m prepping to shoot a photograph, I often have rough sketches to indicate the original idea with adjacent notes. I know I’ve said this eight billion times, but I really do love seeing the stages of your process. Thank you for this post! So amazing!


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