Working Outside Your Medium

Scenes from a fold forming workshop.

Getting to play with glass the other week, I was reminded how important it is to explore outside your medium. Working with different materials means approaching things differently. There are different techniques that you use. Each material moves in a different way and you have to take its idiosyncrasies into consideration.

When you work with a new

Purple Door © 2011 Deena Ball 4" x 4" - watercolor on bristol
Deena teaches all kinds of workshops including a plein air painting class.

material, at even the beginning level, it helps you approach your own work differently. You might figure out a different way of making something. You might even get new ideas about combining materials. Or you might just reappreciate the processes you use everyday.

What’s a great way to try out a new medium or technique? Take a workshop like those offered through the PA Guild of Craftsmen. Or look online for a tutorial. Or read a book or magazine. You never know what you might get out of it.

4 thoughts on “Working Outside Your Medium

  1. Totally agree with you on this topic Wendy! I worked with glass for years, discovered metal and what a ride! I think that doing stained glass windows made it easier for me to approach the construction part of metalwork and lent to some different approaches. When one experiments, reads books, takes a workshop, or just tries something new, well, you just never know how many doors of possibilities that can open.


  2. I looked at your Flickr site, Wendy and liked your work very much. The craftsmanship is beautiful and your style is unique. I like how much ‘attitude’ your pieces have, and the constructions are intriguing.

    Thanks for the Like on my blog, I am glad to have discovered you.

    By the way, I”m an old Pittsburgh girl, I see you live in PA as well. I am trying ot locate my old colege roommate who is from Doylestown. Do you know anyone named Mimi Junkin? (Maiden name).
    She would be, like me, in her 60s now.


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