The Teapot of Doom

The second pair of legs.

Can you tell that there’s an Indiana Jones marathon on TV right now? It’s not really the teapot of doom, but I did have to totally remake the handle. And the legs that I had made yesterday. So today was mostly do overs. But those do overs have really made a difference! I’m actually glad I remade the handle. The first one was just slightly off symmetrically and it was bothering me. It also took a lot less time the second go around. I knew what I was doing (mostly) and the legs ended up much better on the second go as well.

Pendant and two of the three rings. ©2012 WTEK sterling silver and amethyst

I also took a little time off to make a pendant and three raindrop rings – one for the Blogoversary Winner, Pam. I needed a bit of a break to clear my head. I’ve been working on this pot for 1 1/2 months now, can you believe it?! All the pieces are made except for two small pieces to hold the back together. And almost all the holes are drilled. Now comes my “favorite” part – sanding and finishing. And the name, it definitely needs a good name.

The lid went well, then the legs and handle thing happened.
Here it is all taped together. It kind of look like a turtle. Or a sea mammal when you look at the bottom. Hmmm, maybe Mana-tea?

2 thoughts on “The Teapot of Doom

  1. WTEK. Ohmaigah! I love how the “Teapot of Doooooom!” is turning out. (Vowel and exclamation emphasis mine). I really appreciate the way your sharing the process of this piece, as well as your interesting underpinnings about Steampunk and the issue of functionality. This evokes organic with a slight nod to Art Nouveau, or maybe early Weimar Republic— so fluid and yet a little mechanical. I love it. Can’t wait to see the next phase.


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