Hairy Chests, Dwarf Hammers, and Me

Dwarf Bowl ©2008 nickel, brass - probably the culprit in the "dwarf hammer" senario

People have found this blog by searching for some pretty weird things. I don’t mind that they end up here, but sometimes I think they might be disappointed once they click through. Especially everyone who ended up here by searching for “hairy chests” and “crazy mushrooms.”

Today I was looking at the stats and saw that someone actually ended up here by searching for “metalsmith wendy edsall-kerwin” which delighted me. I was less than excited to then see this search term “wendy edsall kerwin hoarders.” Of course, there were people searching for other things yesterday as well…

  • Dwarf Hammer
  • Spider Solitaire
  • Brisingamen (always a top search term, no, seriously!)
  • Thick Fold Formed Copper Cuff ©2011 Looks like leather...

    Leather that looks like metal

  • Always there are various hammer searches – raising, sinking, planishing, and using a chasing hammer
  • Hammer Tattoos
  • It’s not the final outcome but the process
  • Logic vs. Emotion
  • vesica pisces (I have absolutely no idea why this led them to MY blog!) (Wow, I just looked that up and I’m not even on the first four pages. How on earth did they end up here?)
  • What I wanna do to you here in my studio (probably the most disturbing search term yesterday)

So how did you first find Hammermarks? Was your search term just as…um… interesting?

4 thoughts on “Hairy Chests, Dwarf Hammers, and Me

  1. Oh, I found you in the usual way, Miss Edsall-Kerwin! I looked up ” dwarf spider hammer time sunbeam exclamation point rhubarb” and here we are!

    I love looking at the search engine terms for my blog. I get some great ones. I enjoyed reading yours!


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