I Got to Play With Molten Glass!

Last night we had our Lancaster Designer Craftsmen chapter meeting at Kevin Lehman’s Pottery. It was so much fun! He built a “pizza kiln” and we all had wood fired pizza that was delicious. Then we did some meeting things and had a show & tell where we saw new work from Amy Burk, Greg Pencheff, Brian Cunfer, Lisa Gallagher, heard about Linda Beiler’s recent projects with school children and I passed around some of my recent rings.

Linda Beiler gathering molten glass.

Then the really fun stuff happened. Kevin started blowing glass about a year ago in addition to the ceramic work he’s been doing. So he let us just try out getting a gather of hot glass and messing with it briefly (Kathleen Cunfer really went to town on her gather.) Then he blew a small cylinder (with Linda Beiler helping) so we could see how that happens. It was really cool! I don’t think I’ll necessarily switch media, but it was fun just being able to push around a dab of hot glass.

Kevin Lehman working on the glass cylinder.

And just in case you were wondering how that pizza turned out…

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5 Responses to I Got to Play With Molten Glass!

  1. Loved the glass but I think I will go with the pizza !


  2. At first (without reading the story) I thought it was a glass pizza…so lifelike!


  3. Great pics, Wendy. It was even better in person, of course. The glass was super cool, and the pizza was yummmmm!


  4. remaker1 says:

    Fun and delicious! I love that you’re able to meet up with other artisans to share your new work and ideas.


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