A Glance at my Workspace

I needed a studio shot for the Chasing Over Air article set to be in the July issue of Art Jewelry Magazine, so I decided to share it with all of you here on Hammermarks as well.

wendy edsall kerwin studio

My studio as of last week.

I actually cleaned it up a little. (In case you’re wondering, I got on top of a step ladder to get this shot.)

About Wendy Edsall-Kerwin

Metal. To many it is hard, rigid, and immovable. But metal flows, bends, and can be worked over and over again. It is both industrial and
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4 Responses to A Glance at my Workspace

  1. laurie kern says:

    Whew! And I thought I had a lot of stuff!


  2. Thanks for the look behind the curtain! I love seeing studio spaces! Looks like a great place to get a lot of work accomplished! I’m looking forward to the article in Art Jewelry!


  3. Great studio space! Thanks for sharing. I love seeing how others have their spaces set up. Congrats to on the upcoming article in Art Jewelry….I shall look forward to reading it.


  4. eanjewellery says:

    Wow ! You have a great big space there. Mine is about a quarter of that size. Well done on your article in Art Jewelry.


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