Sometimes I Just Sit and Stare

When I work on a big project (like the SBC or the teapot) or if I have a design problem that’s not worked out, I sometimes find myself just sitting there. It’s like when you daydream. Only I sit there and my mind works through different design possibilities.

Some artists sketch out their designs. I do that sometimes too. But for 3D pieces (i.e. ones that are made to be seen in the round) I find it easier to picture them in my head. Maybe it seems more fluid, easily changeable that way. Once it’s down on paper it seems permanent, like I can’t make changes.

So during projects I’ll just sit there, usually with a notebook nearby just in case. Then 5, 10, 15 minutes later I snap out of it, hopefully with the answer to my design question.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Sit and Stare

  1. I’m the same way! Sketching is useful (and fun) but I always work out the design entirely in my mind first. Actually, there are a lot of times I don’t bother to sketch at all. And when problems arise I always seem to find solutions easier when I just stop and let my mind wander through various ideas. I had to laugh when you said “5, 10, 15 minutes later I snap out of it…” That’s exactly what happens! It’s like all of a sudden we’re shocked back into reality and realize that we had totally drifted off into “artist dreamland.” What’s really bad is when the phone rings or my assistant comes into the studio and I’m literally shocked back into reality! LOL.


  2. Me too, only I’m playing solitaire instead of staring! Heh. Seriously, I do like having multiple projects on the go, so I can keep momentum going. The resting projects always benefit by an idea popping up eventually.


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