Society Loves a Good Anachronism

Anachronism (Photo credit: Matt Stratton)

Anachronism: anything that seems to be out of its proper time in history

What I do is somewhat anachronistic. Even the head of my metals program in college felt that way. Machines and computers are the modern tools for jewelry and hollowware. Who am I kidding, people don’t even use things made out of metal anymore – it’s all plastic. Even our troops wear body armor created through chemical science rather than smithed.

Shane Adams and Full-Contact Jousting. (2012). The History Channel website. Those helmets totally remind me of the Cybermen.

Even though that is true, society will always have misfits like me who love a good anachronism. Just look at TV. There’s not one, but TWO reality shows featuring the resurgence of full contact jousting. Typewriters are making a comeback. I even saw a “vintage” rotary phone on the Etsy front page the other day.

Humans will always have a need to use their hands. It’s what has helped us evolve. Yes we’ll also always try to find ways to do things easier, to have others (either robots or just other people) do the labor for us. But we’ll still have that urge to make something by hand. And that’s what I celebrate every time I let my hammer fall.

One thought on “Society Loves a Good Anachronism

  1. Well said, Wendy. I can’t imagine how empty life would be if I could not make things with my hands, from my ideas, with my effort. Your post reminds us all of the importance of art in all our lives.


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