Booth Evolution

I haven’t been feeling too well, though I did get a lot of work done on teapot this weekend. So today I just have a quick post showing you the different booth set-ups I’ve had over the years.

My very first booth set-up at my very first show. The straw was because it was rainy and muddy and provided by the show people. It was not an integral part of my design.
Next incarnation had a better color theme and those necklace wall displays. And those skirts are totalyl Jawa.
The new indoor booth set-up with new walls, displays, and stands.
Then I added banners in 2011 to draw you in.

It’s a never ending process, but I try to improve my displays periodically. Next I might look for white vinyl for the floors of the cases. We’ll see…

7 thoughts on “Booth Evolution

  1. Wendy, what a wonderful evolutionary process! Can you share where you purchased your booth setup (tables, linens, cases, etc.) I’m not sure I am ready to change what I have now, but I would love to look into it.
    Hope you are on the mend soon, no fun being sick.


    1. The new booth uses Propanels for the walls and my tent is a trimline canopy. Both sets of stands are home made – the first set of tables by my dad’s neighbor and the new stands are another jeweler I know’s old stands that she made herself.


  2. I love the evolution! From the beginning your style was evident in your booth setup which is something most artists can’t pull off! Bravo! Your current setup is great!


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