4 Super Terrific Years!

Seriously I need a hammer cake. That would be awesome. That's right, this is a real cake.

Today is my fourth blogoversary here on Hammermarks! Can you believe that it’s been this long? (Do I say that every year?) I love writing here  even though there are ups and downs. It helps to keep me focused and to be able to share my work and experiences with all of you.

This year I thought about what to do to celebrate. A game? A giveaway? Something else? It was hard to decide what it would be. In fact, I’m still thinking about it as I write this. Hmmmmmm….

How about…

Raindrop Rings ©2011 WTEK sterling silver

Leave a comment with your favorite Hammermarks post, why you enjoy reading/visiting the blog, or anything else Hammermarks related. Then you’ll be entered to win your very own raindrop ring made in your size (sizes 6 – 8). That’s a $50.00 ring!

I’ll give you all week long to leave your comments and then I’ll randomly choose a winner next Saturday – March 24th.

I’ve loved interacting and sharing with you these past four years. Here’s to four more…

5 thoughts on “4 Super Terrific Years!

  1. Hammermarks is one of the best jewelry blogs out there! I love the “peek behind the curtain” to your life as an artist but my favorite aspect of your blog is the simple, direct and insightful information you provide. Whether it’s a discussion of the different kind of smiths there are out there (so many people get that confused!) or something more philosophical like the post you recently had about process vs. outcome…it’s all so useful! I’m a beginner metalsmith and I so appreciate everything I learn from you! I marvel at the pictures you post and just everything about your blog. Here’s to another 4 years…and then some!


  2. I like that we are both metal smiths and have so many tools and techniques in common yet we create such different works. I started to read your blog just when I was starting out and you have also inspired me to try fold forming, cold connections and yet… I have been able to give you some advice too ( have you snagged some stakes and hammers off of eBay yet?) Plus I thing the Super Bowl event is such a great idea.

    Btw, your 12 days of Cuffmas has made me want to do a 8 nights of Hanu-cuff. Maybe this year.

    Keep writing, I love reading about what you are working on.


  3. Texture! And odd shapes! That’s what drew me to your work and your blog, which I found only a few months ago… I haven’t yet gone back to read the older posts, but it’s on my to-do list. A bonus is that you are somewhat local, so I signed up for the fold-forming class later in the spring. Really looking forward to seeing how you make these pieces come to life!


  4. Happy, happy blogoversary! I am inspired by the how much you post, and how much you share.

    I have to say, my favorite post was your review of Guy Kawasaki’s book “Enchantment.” From that post, I was introduced to a great book, and eventually got to meet Guy himself!

    Thank you , Wendy!


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