The Overlooked Metalsmith’s Tool

The past week or so I’ve been trying to move my email, bookmarks, etc. onto our new computer. (Our old one predated 9/11 if you can believe it.) It really hasn’t been fun. In fact, it’s kept me off the computer more than usual because I know that I have to do things with it that I don’t want to. Things that involve switching the monitor and internet connection back and forth between the two machines. It’s almost all resolved, but it has just been a big pain. Pair that with not feeling well, awesome weather, and getting a door replaced yesterday, and you see how I’ve been a bit negligent to my online family.

But the computer is one of the most important tools that I use. Yes, in my case I don’t use it to actually make anything, but I do need it to order supplies, look for inspiration, stay connected to all of you guys, do research on galleries, shows and workshop locations, etc. etc. etc. It’s definitely not as rewarding as when I use my hammers, but it still is very necessary to my business.

Today I was reminded that Ebay is a great tool resource when I was bemoaning my lack of awesome stakes like we had in college (Thanks, Laurie!) When I checked it out briefly (I had to figure out the right search terms “blacksmith stake”) there was a huge variety of mushroom, raising, and other forming stakes. And they were so shiny! I kept coming across a “football” stake that is shaped like a football, but I’m not sure what it is really supposed to be used for. Maybe creating faux Super Bowl trophies? (Seriously, it just looks like some kind of spoon stake.)

But I digress. Computer good, internet good. Ebay good. Now back to setting up all my new programs…

4 thoughts on “The Overlooked Metalsmith’s Tool

  1. You’re welcome Wendy. As for that Football thing-y. I have one, I got it at Harbor Freight and it is used for auto body repair but it works well as a funky planishing and forming stake – cheap too if you are willing to clean up the shape and surface finish (when you get it from HF). The one in that picture certainly looks to be in much better *Shape* – and more expensive too.


    1. I love that Harbor Freight is super cheap, but I’m always cautious when it comes to their tools. The vise I got from them worked for a short time, but now is pretty useless. Then again, I use my vises pretty hard… And of course I’m still using the drill index I bought from them like ten years ago, so you never know.


  2. I’m in the process of switching over to a new computer also! (2003, was I think, the only year that Mac made this particular computer!)

    Thank you for reminding me about eBay. Although I’m not a metalsmith/artist, I am a writer— and there are some out-of-print things on my list that I just may find in eBayland! Yay!

    (And can I say, again, that I really enjoy reading your writings on your craft/art form ? I know so little about metalwork and I am learning so much from you!)


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