In Progress: Teapot Rising

When we last left our brave teapot, it looked like this:

1.5" sawed off the edge of the 12" disk as one long strip.

I had to do it. I cut the original 12″ disk down to a 9″ diameter. It just was too large to anneal and I couldn’t hold on to it correctly while raising. And boy, did it make a huuuuuuggggge difference! Yesterday I was able to get a nice angle on it and I got even more done today. My arms/hands are feeling it though.

It’s starting to get the shape that I want – asymmetrical of course (you didn’t think I was taking a break by making it smaller, did you?) Each break is angled so that I can achieve this movement in the metal. Oh, and did I mention that it is oval based?

What’s next in the adventures of this teapot? More raising, some planishing, and eventually I’ll start on the nickel bottom part.

Look at how angled I have it so far...
This is where I ended it today. You can see along the top edge how the asymmetrical shape is advancing.

6 thoughts on “In Progress: Teapot Rising

  1. I have done ONE vessel with a 12″ disk – it IS very hard to get started but once it gets past a slight angle it is a bit easier. Can you imagine how they did those giant punch bowls and tureens??
    Keep the pictures coming.


    1. There was a teacher at Montgomery College in MD (Komelia Okim I probably spelled that wrong) who raised super huge vessels and then chased them. I’m talking like 18 – 24″ disk diameter. And she was small, so I do feel a little inadequate. But I gotta do what works for me in my limited studio…


      1. And what about that gi-normus vessel David H did for the art prize! Some day we will be able to play in the big vessel area too


  2. It’s times like these that I miss Tyler’s supply of stakes. Particularly the giant tongue stake that Stanley was rumored to have brought back from Europe on his lap on the plane.


  3. Wendy, you have to start watching eBay, I have snagged several stakes that are no longer made there. I just won 4 this past week!


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