Work In Progress – Two Part Rings

Three sterling rings waiting to be finished, darkened, and have stones set in them.

Yes, I call these “two part rings.” They aren’t actually two separate parts, but they don’t connect on top. So when viewing them it looks like there are two parts on top of your hand. Anyway…

Yesterday while working out teapot logistics in my head I decided to make some new rings. I had come up with a bunch of designs a couple of weeks ago and I got my new shipment of sparkly stones in on Thurs or Fri. So it was time to play! (FYI, instead of the blue topaz this time I got garnet, peridot, and amethyst.)

This is my fav of the three.
I'm almost out of the reticulated sterling I made, so these rings are special!
Notice my hand is a different color in each of these shots? I have olive tone skin and that's hard to get right on screen. The camera/photoshop always want to up the red.

Which one is your favorite? Which stone should each get?

One thought on “Work In Progress – Two Part Rings

  1. Wendy, I really like the concept of these. I have done some with a similar thought, but I love the designs of these a LOT! They are going to be fantastic. Do you already have the stones chosen for each of them? I can’t wait to see the final product.



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