News, a Shout Out, & New Work

Can you guess how it will look all finished?

Well I’ve been pounding away in the studio. I got to use the new sinking hammer today and it is FABULOUS! I put the net bowl on hiatus while I work on a sculpture with a giant fold formed spikey thing. It’s interesting working on something like this because I haven’t done a purely sculptural table object before (at least one that’s not bowl shaped.)

I also wanted to give a shout out to Hammermarks reader Ichia Tiyi because she’s in the latest American Craft magazine! (I am behind on my magazine reading so I haven’t had a chance to read the article yet.) You can’t read the whole article online (even though I linked to it) but she has a beautiful fold formed bracelet you can find in either the paid digital edition or the paper one. Congratulations!

Today I was invited to enter a teapot in an exhibition (I won’t name it until I officially enter.) So now I will finally bite the bullet and design a teapot. I hope everyone realizes that it won’t actually be able to hold liquids because… THERE WILL BE RIVETS!  Bwahahahahaha! (As you can tell I’m in a silly mood today.)

So that’s the good news for now. Look for the completed spikey thing soon.