Magazines of a Metalsmith

Did you know that before the internet one had to work very hard to stay up on the happenings in the fine craft world. We had to read magazines. You know, those glossy paper things they have at book stores near the coffee shop? Well, I still read magazines to stay up on the major movings in the craft world. Here is a list of ones I find relevant.

  • Metalsmith – SNAG’s publication regarding all things metal (or these days plastic, found object, even fiber) This is a very academic sounding journal of the industry, but it does give a glimpse into the work of different metal/jewelry artists.
  • American Craft – the trade journal for the ACC. This has a more rounded look at the world of fine craft (they feature a variety of media) and they are trying to keep up with the times.
  • American Style – this magazine is more for collectors, but I enjoy reading about craft from a different point of view. They also have a lot about individual collectors’ collections and it’s fun to see inside their homes.

These are magazines that I’ve read in the past and perhaps again in the future, but I don’t currently have a subscription to.

  • Art Jewelry – They will eventually be featuring my chasing over air article (I still don’t have a date yet) This is a good magazine for beginners and self taught jewelry artists as it features a lot of tutorials
  • Crafts Report – Another good mag for those starting out. It has a lot of business advice and tips on doing shows, preparing images, etc.
  • Ornament – This mag doesn’t just focus on jewelry, but all kinds of ornament. They also showcase works from around the world, so you get more of a cultural outlook.
  • Jewelry Artist – similar to Art Jewelry, they offer a lot of tutorials and are great for those looking for a more hands on kind of magazine. Since this used to be Lapidary Journal there is a greater focus on cutting stones.

Am I missing any? Leave your favorite magazine in the comments so we can all go check them out.

One thought on “Magazines of a Metalsmith

  1. While not exactly a metal smiths reading, I also do love to read Glass on metal, since I love to enamel a lot of my metal work. It has some really great tips techniques and also some amazing artists get featured in it.


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