SBC 2012 – Touchdown!

Parts waiting for assembly.

I started early and I was able to finish this year’s Super Bowl with plenty of time to spare! I changed the idea a few times in my head before I started and a couple more tweaks happened in the process. I just love the way it turned out!

As you can see, this isn’t any ordinary bowl. I decided that since it was basically going to be nonfunctional anyway, that I would play more with its shape and the tilt of it. Why does a bowl have to have an edge that’s parallel to the surface it rests on? It doesn’t! So I got funky with it and tilted it and put it on a fabulously curvy base.

Close up of the dot texture that almost drove me completely bonkers.

What do you think?

What did you do for your Super Bowl Challenge this year? Make sure to add your photos to the SBC 2012 Flickr group and leave a comment here with links to any blog posts or other photo locations of your bowl. Later this week I’ll compile a participant bowl blog post here on Hammermarks.

The bottom of the completed bowl.
As yet unnamed Super Bowl IV ©2012 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass
Side View of SBC 2012 ©2012 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass

Now that you finished your Super Bowl, what are you going to do, Wendy?

I'm going to drink my beer! (I know, I'm a bit dorky sometimes :^)

9 thoughts on “SBC 2012 – Touchdown!

  1. Spectacular, Wendy! The strength and power and beauty of the piece, along with the sweeping movement I see in it brings Die Valkyrie to me, so that’s my vote for its name.


  2. That is so, so, way, way, way cool!!! I think the Super Bowl winners should get that as the trophy! ( and I would like them to be the Giants, but they’re down by 2).
    What hammer did you use to make all the little daps (the one that drove you bonkers)?


    1. Those dots were made with a small chasing tool that I hammered with a chasing hammer. I wish there had been a hammer that made that texture because all that chasing would make my thumb and finger go numb. I had to break it up into sections to keep from damaging myself!


  3. Oh, sorry…I was so in awe I forgot to name it.

    This bowl wants to go beyond the bounds of those boring, well-behaved vessels. It is striving to be better, to get more out of bowl-life. It wants more, and it dares to ask for it just like brave little Oliver asking the mean, sadistic headmaster “More please” amid the gasps of his fellow students. But I’m not calling it “More Please”.

    I’m calling it “Give Me More”…because its not asking, it’s commanding!

    Oooooo…and the giants are gonna win after that weird touchdown! But a touchdown nonetheless.


  4. Managed to finish my bowl on Sunday so only a week late. The photos are a bit rubbish – I definitely need a new camera! Anyway I have added the photos of my bowl to the Flickr group. I’m happy with it generally although really not sure about the heavy, too shiny, varnish I used on the outside. I’m much happier with an unvarnished edge as seen here:
    And if your wondering the bowl is made of 9036 matchsticks and yes, I did count!

    Looking forward to next year’s Superbowl challenge.



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