SBC 2012 Update

You may remember that last year it took me a week past Super Bowl Sunday to finish my bowl.  So this year I started much earlier (as you saw in my post last week.)  I’ve been slowly working away at it.  Of course I had to make it challenging, so I decided to texture some nickel(!) by chasing (repoussing actually) it.  That’s right, I’m addicted to suffering.  I’m actually really sick of it right now, but I love the way it’s coming out.  And yes, this texture was influenced by all my crazy sketchbook doodling I did during AEDM.

Doesn't it kind of look like a tongue?
Insane in the membrane... This is the last piece and it will be the base. I can't wait until I can stop making dots.
Here's where I'll be cutting into the bowl and then riveting the first two nickel pieces on. Don't worry, my sawing will be better than my photoshop drawing.

Have you decided what you’ll be doing for SBC 2012 yet?  It’s just over a week away, you better get cracking!

2 thoughts on “SBC 2012 Update

  1. I have recently started working with Nickle. I don’t like it very much. I like the look and the price compared to Silver anyway, but it is really hard to saw and/or cut. I am about to give up on it already. First I am going to try a thinner gauge then what I have. (18ga)


    1. Ack! 18g?! No wonder you’re having trouble. I don’t even use 20g because it won’t move. Try maybe 22g and see if you like that better. It is always a pain to cut, though, because it’s so springy. I go through a ton of blades if I have to saw something big and the noise is atrocious. But don’t give up on it yet.


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