Bare Chests are Wasted Space

Diane Ladd at the Golden Globes - nice necklace hidden by that jacket.

Each year I watch the Oscars, Golden Globes, and sometimes even the Emmys.  The past few years I’ve been completely disgusted by the lack of necklaces at these events.  As a jeweler this deeply troubles me.

There’s never a lack of topless gowns and all that bare skin is calling out for jewelry.  Something is just missing.  Ladies, your neck is crying out for adornment!

Some have said that this trend is due to the economic downturn and stars are trying not to be showy.  But what jewelry I do see is chock full of diamonds, emeralds, and all sorts of sparkle.  So I don’t buy it.

I’d love to see this change when I watch the Oscars this year, but I’m not holding my breath.  Until things change I’ll just have to take solace that at least Diane Ladd had an awesome (yet hidden) necklace on.  For that I thank her.

4 thoughts on “Bare Chests are Wasted Space

  1. I’ve had those same thoughts, why aren’t they wearing necklaces that can be showcased? Trends come and go I guess. Waiting for the bold statement to be made with unique art jewelry.


  2. I’ve been talking about the lack of jewelry, or more specifically, other than some occasional diamonds the lack of “art jewelry” for years! How in the world do we make the connection for showcasing our art jewelry on the necklines of Hollywood stars?
    Just to be clear, I am NOT talking about giving our work away in a “goodie bag” for the stars.
    Or sending the work to a stylist without a guarantee for it to be returned.
    We are talking about outstanding red carpet “art jewelry” loaned to the star for one night.
    Can’t figure out how to make it happen. Ideas anyone
    Harriete Estel Berman


    1. I wish I knew, Harriete! We’d probably need to find someone who had connections with the stars or at least the people who outfit them for the events. Maybe instead of free pieces in the goodie bags, there could be a small publication of art jewelers added?


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