2011 Goal Round-Up

So how did I end up doing with my goals for 2011?  Here’s a breakdown:

I'm a "riveting" teacher, hehe.

Participate in at least 5 craft shows – I totally achieved this goal, though I did do some alternative style shows.  I was in the PA Guild’s summer and holiday shows, the LV Art Studio Tour, the DCCA’s Alternatives Holiday Craft Show, and the Delaware Art Museum’s Holiday House Tour show.

Get work into 2-3 new galleries – This one I also achieved (technically.)  Along with Veleska Jewelry in Lancaster, I added the Arts Barn (which I later dropped) and the Michener Art Museum Shop.

Teach more Fold Forming workshops – I was scheduled to do this, but both of my June workshops were cancelled.  Bummer.

Develop a new workshop – This one I actually achieved twice! (So that cancels out the last failed goal, right?)  I developed the Rivet Pendant workshop I taught two weeks ago and the Sinking a Bowl workshop I have scheduled next month.

Here I am standing with my bowl at Art of the State.

Make a profit for the year – Unfortunately this goal once again was not achieved.  My loss margin did shrink however, so it’s not a total failure, just another step on the path to this goal.

Participate in at least 4 group exhibitions – Another goal achieved!  I had work in Art of the State, Crafted, the Community Art Exhibition, Craft Forms 2011, and Handmade Holidays 2.  And having work in Craft Forms was one of my career goals, so that counts twice ;^)

Develop a solo exhibition proposal – This I accomplished during one of the months in Alyson Stanfield’s Conspiracy group (aff link).  I have yet to ship it out, but I have two places I am thinking of sending it in January.

So I didn’t achieve every goal I set out to this year, but the I did make great strides toward achieving the two that I missed, so they aren’t total losses.  In January you’ll see what my new goals are (they are amazingly similar to this year’s though.)  I hope that you did at least as well as I did at achieving your 2011 goals and I wish you luck and happiness in achieving next year’s as well!

7 thoughts on “2011 Goal Round-Up

  1. You accomplished so much Wendy! Congratulations. Well done.

    The great thing about goals is they help keep you focused on the target. You are focused. That’s awesome.

    Wishing you continued success in 2012. Thanks for sharing your journey.


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