In Threes & Fives

Everyone has a favorite number.  You might not admit it or even realize it, but each of us has a number that makes us feel lucky, complete, or just plain “looks right.”  It could be 7 or 23 or 42.  Maybe you’re into math and Π speaks to you.

I tend to favor odd numbers.  I love triangles and working in threes.  My most recent bowl, Troika, has three cut-outs, three layers, and a triskelion bowl shape.  The number five crops up a lot too.  Both of my rivet pendant samples ended up having five rivets each.

Troika ©2011 WTEK copper, nickel inside view

For me the odd numbers create the right balance.  They’re connected to my love of asymmetry.  If I do use groups of two or four, I like to play with their positions or sizes in relation to each other to offset the idea of “pairing up” that can happen.  There needs to be some dynamism.

What about you?  Do you have a favorite number?  Does one keep coming up in your work?