Celebrating Night

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Today is the Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year.  So many people look forward to when the days start to get longer (I admit that I am one of them) but wouldn’t it wonderful if we instead thought of this day as the longest night?

There are people who enjoy the dark of night.  That’s when they get productive, creative, or just feel more alive.  I know that I enjoy the stillness of the Winter night.  The sky is clearer and the stars shine brightly.  I’m the only one out walking my dog when it’s cold and dark, and I kind of enjoy the solitude of it.

So I’ll enjoy today’s celebration of night, as I bunker down for my winter time of reflection.  But I’ll also be happy when the sun lasts just a little bit longer tomorrow night ;^)

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Night

  1. I agree, I like these dark nights, with stars so bright and the sky so clear. I wish we’d stop and just breath during this time of year too. I love this post, and I wish you a Happy Solstice! Enjoy the dark. 🙂


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