Coincidence? I Think Not!

Gary Numan

It’s strange how seemingly coincidental moments can change the path our lives take.  The other day I was listening to World Cafe in my car and Gary Numan was the guest.  He spoke about one of those pivotal moments in his life.

He was signed to a label and went in to record his first album with them.  There just happened to be a minimoog that someone had left there and he started messing around with it.  He said that he was blown away by its power.  He went on to become known for his synthesizer music.  Had that instrument not been left there that day, who knows where he might’ve ended up.

This reminded me also of an article I read last week.  A ceramicist took his first pottery class to be close to a girl he liked.  The girl didn’t last, but he found his lifelong passion in clay.  Pretty much this same story is how Ted Danson got into acting. (A segment I saw on TV last weekend…more coincidences?)

Who knows what a random choice might introduce you to.  That’s why you have to take chances sometimes, try new things.  What unexpected directions has your life taken after a seemingly random circumstance?  What new things do you want to explore?

One thought on “Coincidence? I Think Not!

  1. This is so true Wendy. I can pinpoint numerous choices in my life that took me in wonderful directions. I call them ‘crossroads’. Following a certain path has brought some great people into my life and learning experiences I would not trade for the world. I’m a firm believer that you have to step outside of your comfort zone. Take chances. The growth and rewards are priceless.


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