Cuffmas 2011 Wrap-Up

The 12 Days of Cuffmas finished on Monday.  Unfortunately, this year only one cuff was sold, so we failed to reach the goal of a goat.  I probably won’t even do the promotion next year due to such a lack of interest.  I will add some additional funds to the $10.00 gathered this year so that we can at least donate something to Heifer.

I do still have work up at Handmade Holidays 2 at Some Things Looming in Reading, PA, and at both Veleska Jewelry in Lancaster and the Michener Museum store in Doylestown if you are looking for last minute gifts and live in the Pennsylvania area.  There is always my Etsy store if you live outside the area, but at this point I can’t guarantee delivery by any of the major holidays.

I am also gearing up to teach my Rivet Pendant workshop this weekend and once that is done I’ll get everything started with the 2012 Super “Bowl” Challenge.  I’ll post photos of the workshop next week (as long as I don’t forget my camera!)

One thought on “Cuffmas 2011 Wrap-Up

  1. How very disappointing Wendy. I wish I were working and could afford a couple of the ones that really caught my eye.
    Your efforts were very inspiring none the less!


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