Don't I look appropriately menacing here? Freya's Folly ©2010 sterling silver, ocean jasper, graveyard point plume agate

I’ve always wanted to be strong.  Not big and muscle-y like Ahhnold, but more like Linda Hamilton in T2.  Strength of arms, strength of purpose, strength of character.

This also seems to come out in my work.  My pieces are big.  They aren’t shy.  But they aren’t overpowering either.  It takes a person with strength of personality to wear them.

It also takes strength to make them.  Using only hand tools, it takes a certain amount of power (or at least powerful leverage) to form these pieces.  When folding the nickel for my wall pieces, I’ve had to put my foot onto the vise stand for leverage to open them up!

What strengths do you possess?  Which of my pieces looks the strongest to you?  Leave a comment and keep the conversation going.

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