On the Tenth Day of Cuffmas…an Innie and an Outie

Outie Copper Cuff ©2010 WTEK

Remember – Today my Etsy shop will be closed while I am at the Delaware Art Museum for the Holiday House Tour

Another of two of my skinny cuffs, one copper beauty has a soft inner fold. They other a deeply textured outer fold.

They were textured, the lines folded, then the long folds down the middle before finally being formed into a bracelet. Then the copper was oxidized to bring out the wonderful textures and creases.

Either cuff can be yours for $90.00 plus shipping.

Innie Copper Cuff worn ©2011WTEK

++New for 2011++

All cuffs purchased at either the Alternatives Holiday Craft Show (12/2) or the Delaware Art Museum Holiday House Tour (12/10) will also count towards Cuffmas! (My Etsy shop will be turned off during each of these events.)

There will be daily updates on my blog and via email, highlighting a different cuff each day. I am also providing free gift wrap and I’ll even ship it directly to the gift recipient, just please mention if you would like either of these options when ordering the cuff.

What are the 12 Days of Cuffmas, you ask? For each cuff on my Etsy site that is purchased, I will donate $10.00 to Heifer International. Our goal is to reach the $120.00 it takes to donate a goat.