Nine Days, Cuffmas is Almost Over!

If you buy this cuff, $25.00 will go directly to Heifer!

Eyeball Cuff ©2010 WTEK brass, nickel, Russian serpentine

Eyeballs. They’re seen as freaky, as protection, as a watcher, as a curse. Perhaps this eyeball (with it’s green “eye”) will ward off jealousy. Who knows? I know that I’m both attracted to and repulsed by them. Either way they fascinate me.

This piece was started just after my Eyeball necklace, and was supposed to end up as another necklace. It had other plans. Eventually it convinced me that I should turn it into a bracelet and it was right – it is better this way.

The stone is Russian serpentine and the cuff and setting are made from textured brass. The “eyeball” portion is made of fold formed nickel that has a torch patina. It measures 2″ x 2 1/2″ x 1 5/8″ and can watch you for $395.00 plus shipping.

What are the 12 Days of Cuffmas, you ask? For each cuff on my Etsy site that is purchased, I will donate $10.00 to Heifer International. Our goal is to reach the $120.00 it takes to donate a goat.  And don’t forget that you can get free gift wrap!